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How To Make Your Fridge Look Like New

Do you peer into your smug friend’s fridges only to envy their pristine, arctic white surfaces and stain-free cordial caddy? You’re not alone. We’re aiming to get to the bottom of it all in this article.

Got A Bad Apple in the Barrel?

This saying is especially significant when it comes to refrigerated food storage. When microspores of mould and other bacteria can become airborne in your fridge and start to affect surrounding products in it, you owe it to your health to get things under control.

Firstly, does opening your refrigerator make you want to:

a)    Pinch your nose

b)    Find what you want without actually looking

c)    Run screaming in the opposite direction

d)    All of the above

The worse you feel about cleaning the fridge, the more it is screaming for your attention. 

Clean your old murky fridge, beautifully.

If it’s time to give your fridge the attention it deserves, the big clean you’re about to undertake requires empty, clean surfaces everywhere you look. Here’s how to do it properly.

You’ll Need: 

  • 2 buckets, one of warm, soapy water, one of plain, clean warm water.
  • 2 latex dish sponges (Not the type with the green ‘scourer’ as they can scratch surfaces.)
  • A sink of warm clean water.
  • Antibacterial Spray
  • Soft bristled cleaning brush
  • Dry, high absorbency cotton Cloths (preferably microfibre)

Steps To Sanitary Success

  1. Wipe down jars, pots or containers that will be returning to the fridge.
  2. Loosen and remove the interchangeable parts, including shelving, place these in the sink full of warm water. You can add dish soap to help loosen spillages.
  3. Use a dry cloth to sweep rogue food scraps and debris into your rubbish bin
  4. Wearing gloves, use the warm soapy water and a dish sponge to vigorously scrub the back wall and sides, and the ceiling of your refrigerator, paying specific attention to crevices and dried up material. Change the water as it becomes soupy or cools down.
  5. Using the soft bristled brush, use soapy water to access soft seals and other crevices, flicking out debris and binning it as you go.
  6. Remove interchangeable parts from sink, wash thoroughly and then dry with a clean tea towel or microfibre cloth
  7. Dip a dry cloth into the bucket of warm plain water and wipe down each surface, seal and crevice so there are no traces left of food waste or soap.
  8. Spray the inside of your clean refrigerator and interchangeable parts with antibacterial spray, wiping dry afterwards.
  9. Replace the pieces before re-storing your perishable food.

Our Tip: Store a small dish of baking soda in your fridge to help eliminate odours.  Replace at least every three months, although it may need replacing sooner if it begins to absorb too many odours.

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