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Keeping on top of clutter

At times, the clutter in your home seems to take over and staying on top of it can be overwhelming. Whether it’s the piles of paper that seem to appear from nowhere or the random items that get moved from surface to surface, clutter can creep up on the cleanest of homes.

Here are our top 5 tips for maintaining order and clutter control:

1. A home for everything

The old saying “a place for everything and everything in its place” certainly rings true. If every object or item that enters your home has a place to live, it’s a lot easier to put it away.

2. Group your clutter

While it’s not always possible to pack away or remove everything left out, grouping like items helps contain the mess. Having a decorative storage box or folder for bills and notes, or a bowl for keys and wallets
visually improves the look.

3. Adopt the one in/one out policy

If space is limited, the best way to stop drawers and cupboards from imploding is to remove one item every time a new one goes in. This works great for clothes and shoes, bags, linen and kitchen appliances.

4. Find storage solutions

Hobbies and passions often equates to additional items in the home. If books are your thing, look at finding a bookcase that suits your style. If it’s craft, storage tubs tucked away might be the answer. For gadget addicts, perhaps a storage ottoman is the solution? Whatever the interest, providing dedicated storage for these items is a great way to keep harmony in the home.

5. Timing is everything

Finally, decide when and how you’re going to eliminate clutter to avoid constant frustration. Are you happy to whip around the house once a day putting things away or do you prefer to leave it until the weekend or the end of the month, get everyone in the home involved and concentrate your efforts? It’s time to create a ‘clutter buster’ habit that works for you.

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