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How To Clean Your Fridge – The Proper Way

In this Absolute Domestic’s tip Kaylene shows us the proper way to clean your fridge. Apart from the everyday wiping down, it’s important to clean out your fridge regularly, at least every couple of months.

This video will explain the steps of removing parts of your fridge, checking the dates of every food item hidden either in plain sight or right at the back in depths of your fridge. It seems like an impossible job and it’s something we all avoid, but after this video, fridge cleaning will seem like a breeze.

The things you never thought to clean inside your fridge will become very important to you, why wouldn’t you put your food into a clean fridge before putting it into your mouth? Most people would just wipe down their fridge selves and walls and leave them, but you must insure you dry everything because any moisture will encourage bacteria and mould.

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