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Household Techs: Now and Coming Soon

We all want that robot housemaid in our homes so we never have to lift a finger again and she’s coming soon, maybe? Apple must have a prototype somewhere right?

Anyway, maybe the robot housemaid, Martha Stewart 2000, isn’t here yet but some pretty cool things are. Technologies these days aren’t just your smart phones, tablets and computers. They’re in our homes and they can do just about everything.

From making your house automated, to interactive cooktops, 2015 and beyond looks to be an exciting time for future household technology.

1. Interactive cooktops

Let’s start off where it matters most; the kitchen.

This technology is a little further off then we might have hoped (five years out) but Whirlpool has created an interactive cooktop that’s just too amazing to explain.

Basically, this technology will enable us to cook where we want, scroll through recipes, check emails, get the latest weather and news updates all from the one bench top. It makes cooking in your own kitchen look super fun!

2. Apple iWatch

If you are getting bored and feel like you need another Apple product then you’re in luck. The Apple iWatch is set for release in spring of 2015. Now you can basically wear your iPhone on your wrist. Call your kids on their mobiles with a tap of the wrist or search the web for that cheesecake shop you are driving around looking for. Apple is once again bringing us closer together through technology. Good or bad? Either way we have to admit we kind of want one.

3. Thermomix

Warning: If your partner ever attempts to use the Thermomix, they will soon realise you will never, ever need another kitchen appliance again.

This little ingenious kitchen appliance combines 12 appliances into one! The Thermomix will weigh, mix, chop, mill, knead, blend, steam, cook, whisk, heat, stir and even emulsify your food. It has a touch screen display and an inbuilt cookbook that steps you through tailor made recipes.

We hear you trying to find your wallet and car keys now. The Thermomix is currently in store and online now.  Happy cooking everyone!

4. Ninja Block: Ninja Sphere

If you have a Ninja Block or have no idea what we are talking about, read on. Ninja Block is set to release Ninja Sphere late December 2014. The Ninja Sphere is the next generation of smart home controls that connects all your devices, systems and appliances to the one ‘brain’.

The Ninja Block’s connectivity comes in several different forms that allow you to connect all devices, lighting, appliances via their tags, smart sockets and smart blubs. The integrated connectivity can alert you if you have left an appliance on after you have left the house. It can let you know when your children have arrived home from school and you can track your pets’ movements when away from home. It can adjust lights and heating and oh so much more!

We expect many more technologies like this one to make it to the market in the next five years so we will keep our eyes and ears open for you.

5. Google Glass

It’s time to chuck out your old specs and slide on probably the most exciting eyewear since Polaroid! Google Glass has released the much-anticipated Google Glass.

You might be thinking how can a future household tech like Google Glass help me with the housework or managing my children? Google Glass can be incredibly useful for mums’ who need an extra hand or just their own back.

When you need to find that lasagne recipe but have your hands full in the kitchen; Google Glass will show you a lasagna recipe in the top right corner of your vision without using your hands! This is just the tip of the iceberg for Google Glass. So much more can be done with the futuristic glassware that can help you with housework, meetings, managing your children, remember dates or just taking a snapshot of life’s moments that you don’t want to miss.
Google Glass enables you to become next level super mum!

These are just the start of exciting home gadgets coming to our houses soon. If your current household technologies aren’t getting your house cleaned though, you can always call us!

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