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Going back in time

Sometimes we have to look back to the past to appreciate just how far we’ve come. And when it comes to cleaning the home, it’s incredible just how good we have it now.

Did you know…

  • In the 1900’s carpets and rugs had to be dragged outside and beaten to get rid of the dust with an oversized fly squatter called a rug beater.
  • When the first electric-powered vacuum cleaner was introduced in Europe, it was located outside the building on a horse drawn carriage with the hose passed through the window because of it’s size. It was also took 4 people to operate it!
  • It took a janitor in Ohio to come up with a patent for the first Hoover vacuum cleaner. Using a broom handle, pillow case and tin soap box he created a device that used motor-driven fan blades to create suction. In 1908 he sold the patent to his cousin’s husband, William Hoover!

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