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Fun way to test time

Some people are blessed with an internal body clock that is surprisingly accurate whereas others consistently run late for just about every appointment.  Regardless of how well you think you keep the time, here is a fun game you can play to test that theory:

Every time you think of it, guess what time it is.

Then check a clock or your watch to see how close you are. Make a conscious decision to say to yourself something like “I thought it was 10:20, but it’s actually 10:34. I was 14 minutes slow.” This is your time sense gap.

You can also make it a habit to do this every time you encounter a certain landmark or object such as a particular traffic light or every time you pass a bus stop.

Guess one hour intervals.

Check a clock and make note of the time. Then go about your regular life, attempting to guess every time one hour has passed. Check a clock on your guess, and make note of your time sense gap. As you get better, vary the time intervals you try to guess.

Find a pattern.

Whenever you observe a time sense gap, write it down. You might notice a pattern, like that you tend to be about 15 minutes slow in the morning, and 30 minutes fast in the afternoon. Or, like most people, time will seem to pass slowly when you’re doing something monotonous or boring, and pass quickly when you’re keeping busy or having fun. As you continue matching your guesses with reality, your sense of time will noticeably improve.

It is worth noting though that stimulants (including caffeine) may cause you to overestimate time intervals, while depressants may do the opposite.  Nicotine cravings on the other hand can cause you to perceive time as passing more slowly than it really is!

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