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9 October 2020

Thankyou very much. I enjoy my time at Absolute Domestics and it is a great first job for me. Many thanks to you and the Absolute Domestics team.


11 September 2020

You guys are very supportive and professional. It is a pleasure to be part of your team.


3 August 2020

So easy to work with and am so grateful for giving me this opportunity to work with you guys.


30 July 2020

Well over 10 years with Absolute Domestics and never had a single regret.


2 July 2020

We like the work because it provides flexibility for our needs as a couple, & also gives us a variety of people to clean for. Thanks Absolute Domestics for providing nice clients to clean for.


30 May 2020

We are highly committed and dedicated to Absolute Domestics. Of course it is a joyful job.


23 April 2020

In my lifetime I have never been able to work and feel free before.  I will definitely work for you until I retire.  My clients are great and the office staff are always helpful.


23 April 2020

I love working with Absolute Domestic, have for the past 6 years.


16 March 2020

Thank you for everything and for being such a lovely manager. I really enjoy working with the agency.


5 January 2020

Will keep working hard and it’s fun working with the Absolute Domestics team.


16 December 2019

I am very lucky to have you as my Manager. You are very understanding and supportive. In today’s world, It’s rare to have supportive manager. So thank you very much.


9 December 2019

I have worked for Absolute Domestics for 5 years and I enjoy my job. I would and do recommend anyone who is looking for a job to give Absolute Domestics a try. The clients I work for are all very nice and I look forward to getting feedback from them regularly.


21 November 2019

The flexibility of days/hours that you do works perfectly for my lifestyle. I don’t have to look for work thanks to my lovely Team Manager.


15 October 2019

I simply love this job as its a very basic thing which we do in our homes. The nature of the job suits my Uni classes too.


5 September 2019

I’d just like to say thank you for the work you do I’m so happy in my position it’s such a great satisfying role and to have such a wonderful area manager is great.


7 August 2019

I would like to express my extreme gratitude to Absolute Domestics and their staff for all their help and support for me over the years. I have been working with AB since 2012 and I am very grateful to be able to work for such a great organization.


5 July 2019

I’d have to say out of the couple of companies I have worked for Absolute Domestics/Clean Homes is the most understanding, flexible and nicest I have worked with.


27 May 2019

I love my job because it is close to home and I can choose the days I work which is very good as I have 2 small children.


12 April 2019

I have been working with this company around 5 years and meet many good people through them. Company have plenty work to give me and are very flexible.


19 March 2019

I have many friends and relatives who are looking forward to working with Absolute Domestics. They are very much inspired by the way they see us working for Absolute Domestics.


9 February 2019

Being a mother of 3 boys, I was finding it hard to look for work in school hours…I love being my own boss, working my own hours and picking my days of work. So Absolute Domestics, thank you for taking me onboard and giving me this opportunity.


20 December 2018

Thanks a million for your kindness and support. I feel privileged being part of this amazing family.


5 October 2018

I am enjoying the job after years in management it’s nice to not have the pressure of targets, budgets and managing staff. I get exercise and a great deal of satisfaction from leaving a nice clean home for the owners to return to.


18 September 2018

I love working for Absolute Domestics, it’s a great company. My Team Manager is awesome, also my clients are all very nice people.


24 August 2018

Am proud to be working for such a respected company.


23 July 2018

I really enjoy working for Absolute Domestics for many reasons.

You are basically self employed so you get to choose how many hours you want to work and when you want to work them. I have managed to work my hours around a second job, study and many other things which is so perfect for me.


8 June 2018

I’m a single mum and working part time suits me when my daughter is at school. Cleaning keeps me up with my own life and duties and the service doesn’t stop it continues.


2 May 2018

I love the fact I get paid to do what I do everyday for my family.


7 March 2018

Didn’t think I would enjoy it as much as I did, I have met some of the nicest people, thank you for the experience.


17 January 2018

I have enjoyed working for your company and wish you all the best.


2 January 2018

To all at AD – thank you for all the work you do so well. May the coming year be filled with kindness.


21 December 2017

Thank you to all the staff who keep us grounded, informed and happy in our work.


15 November 2017

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Absolute Domestics for providing work on a flexible basis…I enjoyed my work and took pleasure in making people’s lives better.


13 October 2017

I love my job. I rang my Team Manager Maree to thank her and tell how much I appreciate her and how she was an integral part of why I love my job with Absolute Domestics sooo much. Maree is amazing as are her helpers, she is always helpful and bright and cheery.


5 September 2017

Thanks so much for the good wishes after almost a year’s work with you all. Your help is much appreciated by us and thanks for your understanding! You have placed us with many great clients who have become family friends thanks to you!


22 August 2017

I have been working with Absolute Domestics for around 18 months. I find the team at head office to be wonderful and supportive. There is plenty of work available every day, and the great part is that I can accept as much or as little work as I want. With a very strong focus on customer satisfaction, the company has a well respected reputation, and I find that the clients really look for this.


9 August 2017

Thank you for almost 2 years we work with your company. We appreciate for your kindness for and always giving us a job.


3 August 2017

I’ve been a cleaner with Absolute Domestics for five years and had Raegan as my team leader for four years. I find her very helpful and has a lot of experience with dealing with all my issues, and i cant praise her enough.


11 April 2017

I appreciate the opportunities I have been given at Absolute Domestics and your professional guidance and support.


6 April 2017

I have been cleaning with Absolute Domestics for a duration of 4 months now and I have found that my clients are extremely pleasant and helpful when it comes to doing domestic chores. They also give helpful hints. The girls at Absolute Domestics are helpful and very pleasing to talk too. I have found that I have matured and try to put in 100% when cleaning for my clients. I would recommend people to join Absolute Domestics and give it a go.


27 March 2017

Thanks for your advice, and thanks to Della for looking after and assisting Carol and myself over the last 3+ years


27 February 2017

It has been a privilege to me working in such a big company


9 January 2017

I’ve learnt a lot and will value the knowledge given by Absolute Domestics.


3 January 2017

You are amazing and that’s why I’ve been with you for 17 years, you’re like another family to me. Thank you for your expertise that I rely on – I absolutely love everything about the company and the people I work with.


13 December 2016

I have learned so many wonderful tips and tricks from our trainer Sally.


12 October 2016

It’s a very well organised workshop and I’m very happy to be working with Absolute Domestics.


21 September 2016

I want to thank you so much for the training and for giving me a chance to work with Absolute. I am ‘Absolutely’ loving it!!


14 September 2016

Working with the Agency definitely helps with building confidence.


7 September 2016

Absolute Domestics provided professional, safe and value added information and skills to enhance my ability to provide an exceptional service to clients.


2 August 2016

I thoroughly enjoyed the training provided and couldn’t wait to put it into action representing Absolute Domestics!


14 June 2016

Really worthwhile workshop….so beneficial and idea, especially for new beginner cleaners.


7 June 2016

Through Absolute Domestics I’ve learnt how to clean different surfaces and how to communicate with clients.


20 April 2016

Fantastic workshop. Well presented, interactive, informative and extremely thorough.


23 March 2016

I was totally impressed with the entire workshop. Thank you so much as it has definitely impacted my own cleaning at home. I am so much more excited to clean!


10 March 2016

The atmosphere at Absolute Domestics is relaxing and they make you feel special and important.


3 February 2016

They’re a fantastic group of people to work with. I usually do two or three jobs a day and it’s great.


4 January 2016

This is a great company to work for, they look after you, listen to what you want e.g.. hours etc. The best part is they look after your insurances so you know you don’t have to worry while in clients homes if something is accidentally broken or you have an accident. Thank you Absolute


23 December 2015

Realistic and Kind. The office has handled my issues with my clients with wisdom and clarity in a way only an expert and professional can do. I am excellent in my work because I have a strong back up from your end. I wake up with joy and can’t wait to bless another household with my skills and talents that I have acquired in my journey in life. I know the pain and have been to the lowest pit which makes people very precious to me. Thank you for giving me a chance to touch lives through cleaning. I cannot ask for more.


21 December 2015

I’ve been cleaning for 9 years. During that time I’ve met some really nice people and cleaned some really nice homes. I really like how if a client cancels, the Agency finds me a replacement.


9 December 2015

The workshop was very good with it’s content – very helpful and learned lots of new things which can only benefit my work experience and helpful for home as well!


29 October 2015

I think Julie and Laurens did a wonderful job and I was very honoured to be trained by them both.


15 October 2015

The information valued the most from working with Absolute Domestics is that little things make such a difference.


30 September 2015

Who knew you could learn so much about cleaning when you’re already a clean freak! I learnt a lot from the 3 day training course.


3 September 2015

Renee was a fabulous trainer and she was very easy to talk to. I especially valued the information on products and methods of cleaning.


13 August 2015

After cleaning my own house for many years, I still found out some great tips and new ideas from the Training Workshop.


13 July 2015

I have been with Absolute Domestics for the last ten years… All in all I find them very professional, highly friendly and an extremely organised cleaning company, and a great ‘team’ to work with and for.


19 June 2015

I’ve got a client that leaves me out a little chocolate every time I arrive and it’s so nice. She also sends me a text message to thank me after I’ve been and it’s always great to get that feedback.


5 June 2015

I really appreciate everything Absolute Domestics do and my Team Manager Christine is worth her wait in gold.


11 February 2015

Kaye and Geoff in Cairns are the most wonderful people to work for, they are very lovely and obliging and ever so helpful at all times, such a wonderful couple who do you proud.


29 January 2015

Hard to believe but in a few months I‰ clock up 13 years with Absolute Domestics. With such a professional outlook, combined with a highly motivated staff, I count myself lucky – extremely so!


17 December 2014

I did not think there was much to learn about being a cleaner, I was very wrong! Thoroughly enjoyed the training.


10 December 2014

I loved it. These 3 days will change my daily life and my too. I learnt a lot.


5 November 2014

Learning more about cleaning was made interesting with the training which I didn’t think was possible. I‰’ve learned more than I knew there was to know.


15 October 2014

We would like to thank Absolute Domestics for being a great Agency. We would give 10/10!


10 September 2014

I was always so happy working for Absolute Domestics, everyone was always so happy and helpful. I have since worked for a couple of other agencies in Canberra and they just don‰лЊt seem to be on the ball or as professional as Absolute Domestics. I am so excited to be coming back to work with you, thank you so much.


3 September 2014

Very well done to our trainer Maria. Wow, fantastic training [3 day Training Workshop]‰ – who on earth would know there is so much to learn in the cleaning business.


19 August 2014

Have never attended such training in Australia in my life. It gave me immense knowledge regarding cleaning jobs.


6 August 2014

I found the training course to be very enjoyable and educational. My time management will improve when it comes to cleaning.


9 July 2014

I have learnt so much more as a result of the 3 day training workshop.


25 June 2014

The information Absolute Domestics has given me makes such a difference when it comes to approaching clients and cleaning surfaces correctly.


18 June 2014

After 20 years as a housewife I now have learned quicker, easier ways to clean for time management. The training is very worthwhile.


28 May 2014

I love having a training booklet to refer back to when needed.


14 May 2014

Jody is the most wonderful team leader one could ever wish for! Jody is THE BEST. I have been so blessed to have such a caring, nurturing, conscientious and reliable supervisor. She is an absolute gem to deal with and my experience with the agency has been a very pleasant one because of her professionalism.


22 April 2014

Some feedback from a couple of my new clients has been “I’m absolutely thrilled with your work today” and “the house looks great – thank you” which is great. I am looking forward to working with these clients for a long time to come.


14 April 2014

I would like to say how wonderful the training was. Both Julie and Laurens made the course interesting and engaging. They provided great tips and new methods that will be retained. They were upbeat and energetic and should be commended for their wonderful effort.


25 March 2014

I would recommend this [Absolute Domestics Training] course for anybody, not just cleaners but all home owners. Have learnt a lot and gained a lot of useful information.


19 March 2014

I imagined there would not be much I could learn after 30 years and industry experience but the spectrum of topics, tips and green product swaps taught at training were phenomenal.


5 March 2014

I have learnt so much about the simple yet effective use of products like vinegar and bicarb soda.


26 February 2014

I really liked the format and the atmosphere of the 3 day Training Workshop.


12 February 2014

I have been cleaning for over 30 years and thought I knew everything that there was to know about cleaning. I was quite surprised how much I learnt during training!

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