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How to Choose Your Cleaning Products – Product Choice and Awareness

In this Absolute Domestic’s tip Carol shows us the best and worst cleaning products and how to choose the right products for the right cleaning jobs.

First you need to identify the surface you’re going to clean, so you can choose a product that will do the job without harming the surface.

Read the label (front and back!). Multipurpose cleaners are a hidden danger, some say they don’t apply to all surfaces. Multipurpose does not mean multi-surface!

Some products say they’re safe to use on tiles, although tiles come in all different textures and materials that might not be suitable for that particular product use.

You should read all safety labels and be wary of chemicals because they can cause burns.

Always wear a mask and gloves when using oven cleaner.

There are fabulous products available but some are unsuitable or harmful, always check before you buy your products.

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